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Frequently Asked Questions

As Orefield chiropractors we hear many questions from new and current chiropractic patients.

Common Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Absolutely. We are proud to be a preferred in-network chiropractic provider with most insurance companies. Please feel free to contact our staff for further information.

Do you work with medical doctors?

Definitely. A quarter of our patients are referred from medical doctors. In some cases, our patients are co-managed with medical doctors, physical therapists, and other medical professionals. As an experienced Orefield PA chiropractor we understand that sometimes it takes a team to get you better, and getting you better is our number one goal!

Once I start, will I have to go forever?

Absolutely not! You are able to discontinue care at anytime. Although, many who consult Orefield chiropractors discover that periodic maintenance visits help to keep themselves in tip top shape. The choice is always up to you!

Will you suggest exercises or other things?

Definitely. Exercises, stretches and/or dietary recommendations will be prescribed specific to your condition. Our doctor will personally instruct them to you after reviewing your health history and specific health concerns.

What types of patients seem to get the best results?

Patients who have the best results follow our instructions, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, take brisk walks, exercise moderately, and get plenty of rest resulting in a reduction of stress.

Call us to make an appointment and see what sets us apart from other Orefield chiropractors!

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